In our Company we dispose with the possibilities for customs clearances of both exported and imported goods, leaving or coming-in on any means of transportation (on public roads, by railway, air or post). On the basis of our existing permits and authorization by our customers, exploiting our several-year long experiences, we perform simplified customs clearances of goods, likewise customs clearances of goods, that require the permit of authorities/respectively their presence during the clearance. The presence of exporter/importer representative is not necessary.

Companies, registered in the European Union can freely choose in which Member State they will let perform the customs clearance of their products. In case of customs clearance in a different Member State, than the Member State of utilisation/placing on the market, the companies need not to pay the related VAT burden during the customs clearance proceedings, the fulfilment of tax obligation happens by self-declaration. Companies can sell the such way cleared goods excluding the VAT-burden and have to pay the VAT only after selling the respective goods.

We provide our customers with the following services:

  • Complex customs clearings
  • Re-expedition
  • Application of „EORI“ number from the Economic Operators Registration and Identification System
  • Temporary storage
  • On-line contact with respective customs authorities
  • Services in the status of „Authorised Consignee“
  • Settlement of customs and tax obligations directly, via our official customs account
  • Provision of guarantees in connection with transit of goods
  • Cooperation during eventual checks of goods
  • Indirect customs representation
  • Customs clearance of personal movable properties and goods, arriving for private individuals

Provision of guarantees:

In case, if customs regulations enable the possibility to give customs security in the form of guarantee, then our Company can provide national guarantee declaration for the following customs procedures or activities:

  • Tax representation
  • Payment of customs duties
  • Temporary storage or long-term storage
  • Temporary importation