Winery corp., s.r.o. (Winery corp. Ltd.) has been dealing with customs brokerage – the clearance of goods through customs – since 2004 and since 2006 the company disposes with the right of tax representation. Since 2007 we belong to the biggest customs brokers in the European Union. In 2009 we established the public customs warehouse “Caro-Log.-Center (public warehouse of type “A” with temporary storage of goods), offering 1800m2 of indoor storage surface to our customers. The company specializes in the import of Chinese goods (textile/shoes), but we can manage the customs brokerage of imported goods from any 3rd country. References of more than 30 companies support our reputation.

Main competitive advantage of our company is the right of tax representation, which means the following:

Companies with registration for value added tax – VAT in the European Union are free to choose, which Member State shall their goods be customs cleared in. In case, if the goods are customs cleared in a Member State, different from the place of their use/circulation, the related VAT need not be paid during customs clearance, the tax return and payment of VAT is performed by own right, itself the imprter. Our Hungarian customers, who they let to clear their goods in abroad can thus carry out their business activities cheaper and more cost effectively, saving the costs of VAT-financing.

E.g. In case when the Chinese goods, purchased for the purpose to be sold in Hungary are customs cleared in Slovakia, the VAT need not to be paid. When doing the same customs clearance in Hungary, the Hungarian Customs Authorities impose the respective VAT. That means that in the preceding case companies can sell their goods without the burden of VAT and they need to pay the VAT only following the sales of goods.

Customs brokerage

We offer the following sevices to our customers:

  • Export – import customs brokerage
  • Services of guarantor.

Services of guarantor

In case when the customs rules enable the possibility for security, provided by a guarantor, we undertake the issuance of International Guarantor´s Declaration for the following customs procedures or activities:

  • Status of tax representative
  • Payment of customs duties
  • Temporary storage or long-term storage
  • Temporary admission


Our warehouse is furnished with concrete floor and we store the goods of our customers in brick-walled storage halls. The warehouse is equipped with a closed-circuit industrial TV system and a modern safety and fire-fighting system. The process of storage and of further data-recording is ensured by SAP software package (storage units equipped with bar-code, availability of unique, customs-tailored storage procedures and further services).

Needs of our customers are satisfied with up-to-date fork-lifts (OM and Mitsubishi types) and with further warehouse and storage technology (METTLER Toledo pallet scales, COMARME pallet stretch wrapper, roller pallet conveyor for handling ULD/airport containers by fork-lifts, etc.). Our further services include: handling of goods and commissioning.